As standard, all dogs are walked three times daily, morning, afternoon, and early evening. The afternoon walks can be tailored to your requirements of indoor, outdoor off lead, etc, or to include a groom and a look at the farm animals, it’s up to you.

Grooming *
We can shower and groom your dog ready for their return home and if you want a professional finish we can arrange for our mobile groomer to call.

Day Care
Got a wedding to go to, moving house, decorating or got a puppy and have to go to work all day? We can give you a break and take care of your dog and ensure they will get extra attention throughout the day.

Socialisation *
We can offer sessions for puppies and other dogs that need to meet other dogs and see other sights and sounds in a safe environment. Our sheep, cows, horses, ducks and hens are all familiar with dogs.

Text/Email Updates *
We can send you an update while you are away so you can have peace of mind that your dog is safe and well.

* Extra charge for this service.
Activities at Wagtails Farm Stay Kennels