Our aim is to give your dog a happy stay on a working farm, situated near Stanley in the countryside around Derwentside, Co. Durham.
We have 10 large indoor apartments for dogs, 8 are large enough for 2 average size dogs and the other 2 are double size and suitable for several large dogs.
If you are looking for a small, quiet kennels to leave your dog, come and pay us a visit and see how we can help your dog have a great stay on a farm.
Jayne and David own the farm where Wagtails is situated and Jayne manages and works in the kennels with help from 2 other experienced staff who love dogs as well. David farms sheep and cattle and trains his own working sheepdogs and gundogs; they both have Labrador gundogs and terriers as pets.
Along with sheep and cattle there are horses and chickens, young dogs benefit greatly from exposure to these unusual sights and learn not to be frightened or aggressive towards them through seeing them from a safe distance under supervision.
As great believers in the value of exercise, dogs are walked frequently and where possible, off lead and with other doggy pals with access to plenty of toys and big fields to play in.

            Wagtails Farm Stay,
            New Acres Farm,
            New Acres Road,
            Co Durham, DH9 7HH

Luxury Farm Stay Accommodation for Dogs
    ​in the Stanley and Derwentside area​